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Online Marketing & Digital Psychology

We help you to engage your customers, reach your conversion rate goals and grow your revenue- with Neuromarketing and psychological persuasion.


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Regular price of 1st consultation = 149 Euro /1590 NOK.

Step 1: Start your project

Tell us about your company 

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Step 2: First Audit

We run a first audit on your 

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Step 3: Planning

Together we plan your 

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Engaged customers are the foundation of your success.

Customer expectations and experiences are rapidly changing in almost every company and industry.
We at Digital Engage are specialized in social media marketing, customer engagement and conversion rate optimization (CRO) – providing you the expertise and tools that help you succeed.
We support clients at all sizes. Whether you are a small or large business, we are your strong partner.
We help you to succeed.


Psychology + Data = Your Success

Your options:

Social Media Marketing and Ads

We help you to gain the attention & engagement you want on your social media profile. Using psychographic targeting allows you to grow the right audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap, TikTok, etc. This allows you to use your budget the most efficient way.

Customer Engagement

We apply nudges and psychological persuasion techniques to increase engagement. These proven behavior driven methods are used by many of the world`s most successful online companies and will lead to happy and engaged customers. And a higher revenue for your business.

SEO Checkup, SEA & Paid Search

Our search engine optimization helps to get more relevant traffic, leads and sales for your business. Paid Google and social media ads help to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Applying persuasion techniques and psychological mechanisms boost engagement & retention. Did you know that by increasing your
conversion rate from just 1 % to 2 % you can double your revenue?

Data-driven Analytics

We provide concrete solutions based on analytics & real life data. You will gain the important insights you need to succeed. Qualitative data through on-site surveys help you to stay engaged with your customers.

Customer Experience / UX

Our customer experience health check helps you to understand and manage user behavior. Concrete suggestions significantly increase the time users spent on your site. Because unengaged users will simply leave your site.

A / B Tests

A/B Tests combined with a thorough quantitative analysis allows you to monitor your progress and get the best results possible.

Usability and User Testing

User-behavior analysis help to understand how users are interacting with your site. These crucial insights help you to maximize your digital impact.

Workshops and Training

Expert workshops and trainings on consumer and behavior psychology empower your team and ensure your sustainable success.

Regular price of 1st consultation = 149 Euro /1590 NOK.

"Digital Engage helped us to see our website through the eyes of our customers and understand why and how users are interacting online. We are actively using the examples from the workshop and the checklist made it super easy to implement changes. Applying A/B testing helps us to analyze how we are improving. Great! "
Our happy client Boris Rogge from consulting customer engagement and customer experience. revnue growth
Boris Rogge
CEO of Scentia

Latest success story:
Online Marketing, Digital Psychology & Social Media - Case Study

Latest success story greatpeoleinside.de with conversion rate uplift and increase in customer attention and engagement

GreatPeopleInside Germany

Our Client

GreatPeopleInside is an international company specialized in personality and cognitive assessments, as well as Leadership360 solutions for managers and leaders. We supported the Channel Partner in gaining increased customer attention for their start in Germany.

Our Input

We were involved from an early stage on and first tested the user behavior and on-site interactions. In the next step the call-to-action options were trimmed and the layout was adopted to the needs of the client. Additionally, psychological techniques (Scarcity, Commitment & Consistency and Anchoring) were implemented to increase engagement. In the last step we helped our client with their social media presence and strategy to strongly grow customer attention and engagement over LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (upcoming).


Together this lead to a significant conversion rate (CR) uplift of 187 % on the starting page and a 97 % increase on the “Test” page compared to the previous three months. Also the incoming leads were more than tripled and the social media presence gained a major rise in attention – making the market start in Germany a huge success.

Want to discover why social media marketing is so powerful? Learn more in our latest blog.

You already have a specific project?

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It does not always have to be a big consulting job.

Are you already in the last steps of your marketing project? Or you are just beginning and need some crucial starting advice?

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Starting from just 159 Euros/ 1.590 NOK, SEK per hour.

People working on the brain as an example of consumer behavior and persuasion

"The materials were structured and easy to understand - even if you don't have a background in psychology. The 3 day workshop gave me and my team a lot of valuable input which we could instantly apply on our website. Our beloved customers appreciate it too - they are much happier and engaged."
our happy customer rudy taking part in the workshop on SEO health checkup, SEA and paid search
Rudy Parker
Marketing Operations Manager, InPost (UK)


Did you know that by increasing your conversion rate from just 1% to 2% you can double your revenue?

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We are Digital Engage – the educational and consulting boutique for Online Marketing, Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing. Based in Oslo and working internationally, we deliver multilingual projects to our clients in English and German.


Our main mission is to make scientific research understandable and applicable – so that our clients are able to actively and sustainably engage their online audience. One of our main goals is to help you grab the attention of your customers, increase your conversion rate and boost your online success.


We love science and combine multiple years of research on consumer and behavior psychology to enable you to make the right decisions in your digital marketing strategy.

Neuromarketing & Digital Psychology

Your FREE expert webinar

02.05./5PM via Zoom
Learn the applied psychology & persuasion techniques that are used by the world´s most successful online companies.
Together we will cover the following topics:
1. ) Introduction to Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing
2.) The Triune brain and how it works
3.) The psychology of influence and online persuasion
4.) 2 of the six golden rules of online persuasion and how to apply them correctly online
Our CEO Dr. Josef Scheuerlein, the expert in Neuromarketing and Digital Psychology.


Digital Engage employee Nadine Thomas, the expert for SEO, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing.


Our Employee Nawaldeep Gill the expert in digital engagement, consumer behavior and online persuasion techniques.


Digital Engage – Rethink Marketing.

Engage your customers, reach your goals and grow your revenue - with Neuromarketing & Psychology.

Regular price of 1st consultation = 149 Euro /1590 NOK.