Digital Psychology & Neuromarketing

2-Day Growth Workshop

Learn the applied psychology & persuasion techniques that are used by the world´s most successful online companies.

Together we will have a look into the brain of your customer in order to get a better understanding of the decision-making process. You will gain a deeper insight into the latest scientific research and learn how to practically apply these findings on your digital strategy.


You will master psychological techniques to persuade your customers to take actions and to increase their engagement. This allows you to optimize your conversion rate and grow your revenue.


Our workshops will also inspire you to create truly appealing and intuitive websites, apps and social media campaigns that your customers will love.

Your Key Benefits

Customer engagement:

You will gain the necessary knowledge to actively engage your online audience and grab their attention - backed up by the latest research on digital psychology and consumer behavior.

Conversion rate optimization and revenue growth:

You will gain practical advice to optimize your conversion rate and grow your online business. Our real-life examples will reveal the secrets of the world´s most successful online companies and teach you how to apply them.

Customer experience:

You will understand how your customers react and interact with your site, app or social media campaign. This allows you to actively manage user behavior and reduce costs.

Competitive advantage:

You will learn innovative solutions and techniques to make the right decisions, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Many reasons why participants love our unique workshops:


After the workshop you receive the certification of completion, demonstrating your accomplishments.

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Science and Practice

Delivering high quality workshops is our top priority. The combination of scientific research and real-life examples give the participants the expertise and tools to directly apply the learnt techniques.

An example of the best learning example you get when attending our master, essential or growth workshop.

Learning experience

The workshops are designed for your best learning experience. Participants receive our intuitive training guides and workbooks, allowing you to easily rehearse the materials. Also, all tasks are specifically tailored to your needs. Each chapter includes a detailed summary and checklist, which many participants find particularly beneficial.


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Bring your own project

We added an extra hour after each workshop day– for free. Bring you project to class and we work on it together.

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The workshops also offer plenty of room to network and get in touch with experts.

Got time tonight? Check out the movie "The Social Dilemma" and learn why Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and TikTok
became so powerful.

"The workshop was very valuable. It gave us a deep insight into the digital marketing strategies and covered all the important aspects we needed to know. I can highly recommend it!"
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Bernadette Wolter
Marketing Manager, Promit

2-Day Growth Workshop


Day 1 - Neuromarketing & Digital Psychology Basics

  1. Introduction to Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing
  2. The Triune brain and how it works
  3. Main rules to win trust and reassure online audiences
  4. Predicted emotions and how they influence decisions
  5. Psychology of your customer and target audience
  6. Psychology of influence and online persuasion
  7. The six golden rules of online persuasion and how to apply them correctly
  8. Conversion rate optimization and how to  increase customer engagement
  9. Cognitive biases and raising attention
  10. Paradox of choice and other psychological biases to avoid
  11. Core elements of behavior

Day 2 - Digital Psychology & User Experience (UX)

12. Customer Psychology – the science behind making the perfect webpage

13. Psychology of web design

14. Layout and the F and Z patterns

15. Images: which pictures to use and avoid

16. The psychology of colors

17. Typography and persuasive writing: how to write the most persuasive texts, blogs and campaigns

18. The psychology of emails/content and call-to-actions

19. Conversion rate optimization and quantitative data (with an introduction to Google Analytics and Google Academy)

20. How to work with qualitative data and analyze the results you need

21. Hypotheses and A/B testing

22. The psychology of online advertisements: Google AdWords and how to pick the right keywords

23. The psychology of remarketing and how to apply it in the most efficient way


  • Duration: 6 + 1 hour optional project discussion
  • Start: 9.30 am – 5 pm
  • Class size: maximum 12 participants
  • Conducted remotely over Zoom

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2- Day Growth

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