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"The workshop gave us everything we need to engage our online audience. More importantly, it showed us what we were missing and how we can easily resolve this. I really liked that the workshop gave us concrete applications and the confidence that we can do it. We were excited that just small changes had a huge influence on our conversions rate."
Example of a customized busines workshop on social media marketing and digital psychology
Dr. Sabine Abassi
Head of Corporate, EQOS Energy Group
“Thanks to the workshop I have optimized my site and gained more customers. Also, my social media marketing is finally bringing the results that I want. I would recommend the workshops especially for entrepreneurs, marketing managers and leaders."

Happy customer Alexander Salmen after attending the Digital Engage Workshop
Alexander Salmen
CEO of TKG German Quality

“ Engaging your online audience has never been more important – whether you sell shoes, offer online courses or make social media campaigns. Grabbing the attention of your customers should be your no. 1 priority.”

Josef Scheuerlein, PhD– CEO Digital Engage

Neuromarketing & Digital Psychology

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02.05./5PM via Zoom
Learn the applied psychology & persuasion techniques that are used by the world´s most successful online companies.
Together we will cover the following topics:
1. ) Introduction to Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing
2.) The Triune brain and how it works
3.) The psychology of influence and online persuasion
4.) 2 of the six golden rules of online persuasion and how to apply them correctly online

Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing Workshops

Our neuromarketing & digital psychology workshops give you exactly the knowledge and expertise you need.


You will gain fascinating insights into the latest research on digital psychology and consumer behavior. You will master psychological methods to actively influence your buyers decisions.


We will show you how you can apply persuasion techniques and how cognitive biases such as “Anchoring” and the “Von Restorff” effect can boost your sales.

Example on people working on their website with digital psychology and neuromarketing techniques like anchoring and the von restorff effect

Why is Neuromarketing so powerful?

For a great introduction check out our blog with a TEDx Talk by Dr. Perry Wu.

"The workshop was a great experience. I especially liked the fascinating real-life examples and the practical checklists at the end of each chapter. We implemented many of the techniques and could increase our conversion rate already within 3 months. I can only recommend it!"
Happy participant of the digital engage 3 day workshop with social media marketing focus
Zjlko Loncaric
Marketing Engineer, Germany


Learn the applied psychology & persuasion techniques that are used by the world´s most successful online companies.

Comparable workshops cost up to 1.980 Euros / 19.800 NOK, SEK per day. We believe this is too much. Our expert workshops offer you a combination of theory, applied learning and useful examples, which you can directly apply to your digital marketing strategy.


All our workshops are designed for your best learning experience. We make scientific research understandable and show you real-life examples from many of the world´s most successful online companies. So you can actively engage your customers and boost your online success!

You already have a specific project? Awesome! Bring it to class and we can work on it together.


Choose your workshop:

1- Day Essential Workshop

€ 499,00 plus VAT

Digital Psychology &

2- Day Growth Workshop

€ 978,00 plus VAT

Digital Psychology &

3- Day Master Workshop

€ 1347,00 plus VAT

Digital Psychology &

"It was important for our company to grow our online business. The workshop gave us exactly what I needed - concrete and ready to apply advice on how to accomplish our ambitious goals. I especially loved the interactive character and the tasks gave me a great insight into the minds of our customers."
2 Day Growth participant learning about search enging optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO)
Klaus Bauer
Deputy Director Business Operations, Germany

Company Workshops & Trainings

Example of a customized busines workshop on social media marketing and digital psychology



We offer customized workshops and training packages for your entire team- specifically tailored to your needs. Workshops range from 1,5 hours to 5 days and include topics such as:


Get in touch and explore your options!

We love students and science


You are in your Bachelors, Masters or PhD?  Awesome!


We at Digital Engage are actively supporting students and science.


This is why we reserve 1 free spot for every workshop.

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“I really appreciate the opportunity to take part in the 3 day master workshop. The persuasion techniques were super fascinating and triggered my interest in psychology and neuromarketing. Thank you Digital Engage - you guys are the best!"
One of our students who attended the 3 day master workshop for free. Because digital engage loves science and students.
Akash Singh
Student, Norway



We are Digital Engage – the educational and consulting boutique for Online Marketing and Digital Psychology. Based in Oslo and working internationally, we deliver multilingual projects to our clients in English and German.


Our main mission is to make scientific research understandable and applicable – so that our clients are able to actively and sustainably engage their online audience. One of our main goals is to help you grab the attention of your customers, increase your conversion rate and boost your online success.


We love science and combine multiple years of research on consumer and behavior psychology to enable you to make the right decisions in your digital marketing strategy.

Our CEO Dr. Josef Scheuerlein, the expert in Neuromarketing and Digital Psychology.


Digital Engage employee Nadine Thomas, the expert for SEO, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing.


Our Employee Nawaldeep Gill the expert in digital engagement, consumer behavior and online persuasion techniques.


Digital Psychology and Neuromarketing

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